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An easy recipe for scotch pancakes. Serve with anything that takes your fancy - lashings of maple syrup and crispy, streaky bacon, or fruit compote and yoghurt...




120g self-raising flour

30g caster sugar

1 egg

150ml milk


  1. Rub your frying pan with a little oil and heat on a medium heat until the pan is really hot.

  2. Sift the flour into a large bowl or mixing jug, then add the sugar and salt. Mix gently.

  3. Whisk together your milk and egg before adding it to the flour mixture. Mix well until fully combined.

  4. When you pan is hot enough, spoon 1 tbsp of batter into your pan. Turn it over when it starts to bubble to cook the other side. Voila!

  5. Cook the rest of your batter. Serve with your favourite toppings!

We'd love to hear how you like to serve your pancakes. Leave your topping suggestions in the comments!



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