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Benefits of eating organic and seasonal produce

Updated: Jan 24

A wide range of organic fruit and vegetables are now available to buy in the farm shop!

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What's the difference with organic produce. ?

Good quality produce and sustainability are at the heart of what we do at Bodnant Welsh Food. We're thrilled that we've been able to find a local supplier that can supply a wide variety of seasonal organic vegetables.

The key reasons why we wanted to make this change are:

1. Better quality produce, that is better for you!

Organic farming produces healthy food without using toxic pesticides, without adding GMOS and without adding artificial preservatives. What you're eating is REAL! Eating cleaner food in your diet leads to less health problems in the future.

2. Sustainability

Organic farming and everything that goes with it, is simply much more sustainable. Organic farming improves soil health, releases fewer greenhouse gases and results in greater biodiversity.

SO to sum it up - not only is it better for you in the long term, its better for all of us !

What is "eating seasonally"?

Eating seasonally means eating what's in season. We have all become accustomed to eating whatever we want, whenever we want it, but in reality this isn't great for us or for the environment. Not only is seasonal fruit tastier and fresher because it hasn't travelled as far or been sprayed with unnecessary pesticides, but because of this it's also much better for the environment. Seasonal eating doesn't mean you have to stop earring the food's you love, but its a great way to add some variety into your most loved recipes, why not try a winter berry instead of the beloved strawberry ? We are so used to being able to get everything whenever we want it, that we can fall into the boredom of recipe repeating. With every season comes a new batch of vegetables, which means there’s always plenty of variety when it comes to trying new recipes.

Why should I eat seasonal, organic produce?

Here at Bodnant, we are trying to show you the difference and importance of eating better. Whether this is for personal health benefits or just choosing the greener option, we believe that once people are educated on the benefits you won't go back. It goes without saying, if you’re buying something grown locally to you then you’re promoting sustainable living for farmers and the community. Smaller farms are more labour intensive, so if you buy what they have to offer then they’ll see more of the profit.


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