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PriceFrom £4.00
  • Our homemade sausages are delicious and with a variety of flavours there's a sausage for everyone!

    Breakfast sausage (9 pack) £4

    Traditional pork sausage (6 pack) £4.50

    Pork & leek sausage (6 pack) £5

    Lamb & mint sausage (6 pack) £5

    Welsh dragon (chilli & leek) (6 pack) £5

    Our pork is from the Pigging Good Pork farm in Colwyn Bay run by Mary and her husband. Things are kept very traditional there, as they believe in running a simple farm where the animals’ welfare and happiness come first.The rare breed pigs are allowed to forage over the 105 acre farm, this natural environment that gives pork, born and bred in Wales its unique and tender taste, in our opinion,  produces some of the best pork that we have ever tasted.


  • All products contain gluten (wheat


    All allergens are highlighted in bold 

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