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  • Spicy Harissa meze, made form a mix of chillies & red peppers blended with extra virgin olive oil and garlic - use as a dip, add to sauces & marinades, or to coat meat or vegetables for barbecue and roasting.


    Perfect for lovers of anything spicy & vegan friedlly

  • Ingredients: Red Chilli Peppers (24%)Roasted Red Peppers (20%)Pickled Red Peppers (20%)WaterSunflower OilDried GarlicSugarExtra Virgin Olive OilSea SaltCorn StarchHot Red Pepper PowderMustard PowderSpicesAcidity Regulators (Citric AcidLactic Acid)Wine VinegarAntioxidant (Ascorbic Acid).


    Allergens highlighted in bold.

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