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A: if the serial number is 5302 then this is a Cdr1000 Answer is correct, thanks to SAJAD Q: How to print current date on openldap logs file? I want to know how to print current date and time of the log file. I want to print date on openldap log. How can I change the log access? I want to apply log rotation on the whole openldap directory. I need to capture the timestamp with a date and time. I want to print both date and time on the syslog. A: Add this line to /etc/syslog.conf klog_level = NOTICE Facility = auth Add the following to /etc/logrotate.d/openldap: /var/log/openldap/*.log rotate 7 /var/log/openldap/mainlog rotate 7 /var/log/openldap/controllog rotate 7 This is a log rotation setting that will rotate the 7 mainlog log files and the 7 controllog log files. And just as an addition. You can specify log messages by appending the message to the log file. /var/log/openldap/mainlog/getSchema returned an error: 2 (nocatch): (nofile) : No such file or directory Open LDAP does have a built in log. See the openldap(8) manpage for more detailed information. openldap is usually run on an X Window System, such as X11, so you will have to log from the X Window System. You can use the file /var/log/xorg.log. The X Window System provides a rich set of tools for creating and monitoring an X Window System server. The following system variables are available to shell scripts. $DISPLAY A string indicating the display number. If no display is currently in use, the value is zero. $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP A string that identifies the current desktop environment. This is the name of the desktop environment as reported by the desktop manager. $XDG_SESSION_TYPE A string that identifies the type of session on which

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Siemensvdocdr500serialnumber NEW!

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