Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building at the Bodnant Welsh Food Centre

What could be a better morale booster for your team that an away day at the Bodnant Cookery School? The results of your hard work will be delicious to boot!

We can provide your staff/colleagues with a day of team building activities, motivation and inspiration. Our tailor made corporate events have been designed to be, not only entertaining but to also focus the mind on communication, trust and a little competitiveness.

A demanding kitchen is the ultimate platform for team work and cooperation. Under the supervision of our carefully selected chefs, each individual’s contribution is essential to the end result. In this environment, colleagues will see each other in a different light and talents will reveal themselves when face to face with kitchen deadlines. Whereas traditional away days are physically, extremely demanding our corporate events can include each and every member of your team.

As well as tailor made packages we can also offer a host of bespoke courses to match your specific needs that concentrate on achieving memorable results by working together. We are fortunate enough to have a team of North Wales’ finest culinary talents; all experienced in various aspects of the hospitality industry and all natural motivators. Many of our experts are Welsh speakers so bilingual/Welsh language events can be organised too.

We have farmhouse accommodation available here at Bodnant and we have close links with local hotels and holiday homes so if you are coming from further afield, why not consider extending your visit with some well-deserved ‘down time’ enjoying all we have on offer here in North Wales.

The school can accommodate groups from 8 to 24.

Tailor made Team Building Packages Available at Bodnant Welsh Food

Ready steady cook

The challenge is to create a winning menu as a team but you have limited time to plan, cook and present your dishes. You will have a wide range of fresh ingredients from the Bodnant Farm Shop, some interesting herbs and spices plus different cuts of meat and fish. The rest is up to your imagination! Our chef will be on hand to guide and assist wherever necessary.

You will cook five or six dishes. The planning process takes approximately 15 minutes whilst the hands-on cooking is planned to 1 hour 40 minutes. This is a highly interactive event and culminates in a more informal dining experience.

Duration: 3 hrs
Minimum number: 8
Rate per delegate: £65 (Rate includes light lunch)

The Great Bodnant Bake Off

Guests will pair up to create an array of sponge cake delights including cupcakes and a classic Victoria Sponge.

Duration: 3 hrs
Minimum number: 8
Rate per delegate: £65 (Rate includes light lunch)

Farm Shop Sweep

Your team will be split into three groups. One to make the starter, one to make the main and one to make dessert. Each team will be given a set budget and a shopping list made up of cryptic clues. The clues will relate to items available from the Bodnant farm shop.

You will need to solve the clues quickly because you will have a strict time limit in which to do your shopping. Once the time is up you will have to return to the cookery school whether you have finished your shopping or not! You will be given a recipe card to follow but you still won’t be given the correct names of the ingredients or the name of the final dish.

You won’t know if you’ve got it right until it’s time to try out your dishes with the opposing teams at which point the Chef in charge will tell you what you should have cooked and demonstrate the correct dish for you to compare and contrast with your own..

Duration: 3 hrs
Minimum number: 8
Rate per delegate: £65 (Rate includes light lunch)

This is how a typical day looks-

• Refreshments on arrival
• Orientation of the kitchen
• Group is divided into teams, and each appoints a leader
• A short demonstration from guest tutor
• Teams cook for 1.5 hours
• Break-coffee/tea and bakery nibbles
• Cooking resumes for a further hour
• Wine tasting (optional at an additional cost)
• Dine together
• After dinner, awards are given by the tutor to the best team, and best overall individual
• PDF recipe files are sent to every attendee
• Foodie gift bags can be arranged as mementos of your day at an additional cost

You can choose your menu from our course programme including Welsh, Classic French, Italian Kitchen, Asian, Spanish, Best of British and much more. You will be guided by your expert tutors to ensure success on a plate.

Your menus can be fine-tuned to ensure any special dietary requirements are met

Booking: If you wish to discuss any of the packages above in more detail or would like to book. Please call 01492 651100, email or send an enquiry through the form below, and a member of the team will be more than happy to help.

We look forward to welcoming you here soon!

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